7 Best Steps to Reduce Anxiety

by | Sep 24, 2019

When you feel anxious, you may unknowingly do things that actual feed your anxiety. You may intensely be thinking about things and wonder what if. So, how can you reduce anxiety right now?

The good news is there are many techniques and tools you can take advantage of to manage your anxiety quite effectively. Below are 7 best steps to reduce anxiety right now.

You can begin and maintain a road to lower anxiety with these 7 suggestions. 

ONE: Change Your Habits 

Perhaps one of the most effective yet most difficult natural methods to reducing anxiety is changing negative habits. 

If you smoke, stop now. During periods of anxiety, smokers rely on cigarettes to reduce stress, yet are only compounding the problem at hand. Nicotine is highly addictive and quickly makes a smoker dependent on its effects. Other chemicals in cigarettes have been suggested to rewire your brain to make it crave smoking even more. Your body then wants more nicotine and it learns that anxiety will cause you to smoke. It is a self-perpetuating circle. 

Alcohol use is a similar concern, but it acts in a different way upon your body. As a sedative, it will reduce your anxiety in the beginning, but physical and mental dependence on booze will only add to your anxieties and begin to weaken your resolve to heal. Once the buzz is gone, your symptoms will return stronger with a need to a stronger drink to make them go away again. 

If you drink coffee, soda, or any other form of caffeinated beverage, you would do well to cut them out immediately. Caffeine is a stimulant, compounding your healthy and natural levels of awareness, acting only to increase levels of anxiety. As it works as an addictive chemical reaction, once the initial surge has depleted, you are left drained and craving more. 

TWO: Remain Active 

Adding an exercise program to your daily habits will do more to reduce your anxiety levels than you might think. 

Not only are you engaging in a positive activity that helps to clear your mind and find a healthy focus, it also increases the production of endorphins to help repair and maintain your brain. This means that exercising is not only a short-term solution to working out the problems facing you, it also is providing you with a way to be better prepared should high levels of anxiety ever return. 

Studies show that as little as fifteen minutes a day of exercise can be enough to show immediate positive results. You will be breathing better, sleeping better and have higher levels of beneficial, body-positive endorphins to promote wellbeing and happiness. 

THREE: Promote Good Sleep 

One of the most common symptoms of unhealthy anxiety levels is a lack of a good night’s sleep. Stress levels cause your body to remain alert, leading to restless nights, exhaustion, and in some cases, persistent insomnia. 

By promoting good sleeping habits, you will be using many other natural methods for reducing anxiety. Stay away from caffeine to ensure you aren’t adding to the stress levels in your body. Exercise regularly to work through your stress and promote endorphins. 

When we sleep, our body uses that time to heal itself and regain balance. If we are fighting the process, our health and wellbeing will only decline. 

Practice these proven tips for getting the best night’s rest: 

  • Don’t use computers or watch TV an hour before bed
  • Sleep when you are tired
  • Exercise before bed to increase healthy rest
  • Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol before bed
  • Keep a journal by your bedside to write down thoughts
  • Practice going to sleep at a regular time

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