Anxiety from PTSD-Effective Ways to Cope

by | Feb 20, 2020

Any person knows how to adapt to various circumstances; with the change in our lives, we ourselves are changing. The transformations that are taking place in us help us survive, no matter what conditions we may be in. However, some events, especially those associated with stressful and shocking situations, can cause anxiety from PTSD which is a serious mental disorder, known as “Posttraumatic stress disorder”.


With Posttraumatic stress disorder, you often have nightmares or terrible memories associated with an experienced event. You try to stay away from everything that can remind you of what you have experienced. You are often embittered and unable to trust anyone or care about other people. You are always on your guard and see a hidden threat in everything. You feel uneasy when something happens suddenly and without warning. All this creates unbearable conditions for a normal life.

PTSD Treatment

PTSD is currently studied in sufficient detail by medical science. Many mental health programs have been developed, and pharmacists offer a large number of strong antidepressants that can stop the negative effects of this disease.

Unfortunately, many medics forget the fact that true physical and mental health is not about meeting social norms and standards, but in coming to terms with yourself and with the real facts of your life. It is for this reason that most drug treatment methods are ineffective or bring only a short-term effect. In this case, natural medicine comes to the aid of doctors to treat anxiety from PTSD.

Let’s look at the most effective methods of treating PTSD offered by natural and alternative medicine:

  • Transcendental meditation. To help people cope with this condition, the scientists suggested that the study participants (war veterans) practice a 20-minute meditation twice a day. In parallel with this, throughout the experiment, medical indicators of volunteers were regularly recorded:
  • After 10 days, scientists noted the first positive effect of meditation.
  • A month later, 87% of veterans experienced a decrease in clinical symptoms.
  • After 90 days, in 37 participants (80%), symptoms decreased to the level of “complete relief of the disorder”.
  • According to experts, transcendental meditation works at the neurophysiological level. This is what has such a powerful effect, and the technique itself allows you to achieve a greater effect than, for example, cognitive methods of treatment.
  • The impact of hypnosis. Staying in a drowsy state provides complete muscle relaxation and psycho-emotional balance. During a hypnotic trance, cardiac activity is stabilized, breathing is regulated, and blood pressure levels are normalized. This condition contributes to the activation of regenerative resources of the body, due to which neuronal connections damaged from prolonged stress are restored.
  • The method of DPDH (desensitization and processing by eye movement) consists in the coping of trauma by simultaneously mentioning and following the patient’s gaze with the therapist’s hand moving to the right and left, or another form of bilateral stimulation, for example, touching the left and right palms alternately, audio stimulation, etc.
  • Art therapy. In the course of art therapy classes, patients with PTSD are able to distance themselves from traumatic experiences due to their objectification and retention in visual, plastic images. Clients can “look” at their feelings reflected in drawings or clay, tell something about them, process and rethink their experience. Thanks to the combination of verbal and non-verbal expression, the client’s self is strengthened and the effectiveness of therapy is increased.
  • Therapy with natural extract of CBD (cannabis oil) is one of the poorly studied areas in the treatment of PTSD. According to a number of scientists, some patients after consuming cannabis extract feel that this has significantly helped to reduce negative symptoms. Recent research results are encouraging, however, proponents of this technique argue that CBD should only be used when other treatments have been ineffective.

We can see that natural medicine has developed many methods for treating anxiety from PTSD – from near-spiritual to medical. It is likely that a combination of these methods can help even with the most complex syndrome.

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