Beating Anxiety in 1, 5, or 10 Minutes

by | May 7, 2020

Beating anxiety in minutes
Beating anxiety; anxiety can flare up at the most inconvenient times. The timing does not always allow you to stop what you’re doing to cope with an anxiety event.

How to Beat Anxiety Naturally

Coping devices such as meditation and a soothing bath go a long way to ease your anxiety, but there are times when you only have minutes to get your anxiety under control.

Beating anxiety in 1 minute

In your mind, picture your favorite place in the world

Look at a positive photo
Exercise belly breathing
You may be pleasantly surprised what difference 1 minute can make!

Beating anxiety in 5 minutes

Have a relaxation app available
Listen to music
Move your body – rigorous exercise helps to lower anxiety as it burns off excess mental energy that you otherwise would use for worrying!

Beating anxiety in 10 minutes

Call someone who gets it
Express how you’re feeling by writing it down
Shut down your phone for 10 minutes

It’s important to practice these methods prior to using them. Practice makes perfect. You may feel it has no point at first, however doing them regularly is key to beat your anxiety.

Mastering the techniques prior to needing them is vitally important. Do not wait until you are feeling anxious to first try them. It’s difficult to learn something new when you’re feeling anxious. It’s better to use what you have learned and practiced.

Finding the underlying reason for your anxiety is so important to manage it. If for some reason these methods don’t work for you, talk to a professional about other option.

Interested in trying CBD for your anxiety?

CBD is a natural way that can help lessen anxiety symptoms. If you suffer from generalized anxiety, social anxiety or PTSD, CBD may help as part of your daily routine for a treatment plan.

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