What Are Anxiety Triggers

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What are anxiety triggers?

People that suffer from anxiety can feel crippled by panic attacks or overwhelming thoughts. Having a difficult time returning to a calmer state can be quite terrifying. It can even change how you view the world. Just the thought of another anxiety episode can be just as debilitating as experiencing the past episodes. Many may forego activities they think may trigger their anxiety to self protect.



Over time many people can recognize actions and situations that can lead to panic and anxiety. These are referred to as anxiety triggers. The triggers are not the reason someone suffers from an anxiety disorder as the causes are quite complicated and have a wide range of contributing factors such as past experiences, lack of coping skills to genetics.

Situations such as life-threatening diseases, high-stress situations, abusive or unhealthy relationships are common anxiety triggers that feel instinctive and are related to anxiety and panic. Other anxiety triggers some feel like normal patterns of life but can cause serious mental health problems for others. They would include…

Water and Food

Most of us realize that eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is essential to good health. When these things are neglected it can cause an imbalance and are more prone to anxiety. Keeping yourself well hydrated and not skipping meals helps maintain the best health mentally and physically.


Supplements and Medications

Over the counter supplements and medicines that are hormone-based can affect the balance in your body and become an anxiety trigger. Caffeine particularly, even in drinks and foods can be an anxiety trigger. Go over what supplements and medications you take with your doctor to see what if any may be an anxiety trigger for you.

Disturbances of Sleep

Disturbances of sleep or not getting enough sleep can have an adverse effect on your overall health. Make sure you get enough quality sleep each night as it is essential to feel your best.

I. Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

The abuse of alcohol, drugs or even using smoking to calm anxiety is actually more likely to make matters worse. Smoke and other components of cigarettes can change breathing and blood pressure while alcohol and drugs offer a multitude of side effects that can lead to anxiety.

II. Performances and Social Situations

Another anxiety trigger for those dealing with an anxiety disorder is having to perform in front of others or having to attend a party. How can you really avoid these situations as they are a big part of life? You can feel more at ease to better handle these situations if you have a plan for those moments that are both anticipated and unpredictable.

III. Finances

Anything money related can be an anxiety trigger for many people. Worrying about paying bills, saving enough or getting out of debt can cause anxiety. Make a plan to overcome these financial issues while identifying your anxiety triggers can help keep your state mind healthier.


What Can Be Done About Anxiety Triggers? 

The natural response would be to just avoid all anxiety triggers. However, so many of the triggers are better overcome than avoiding them. Speaking with a therapist can give you some insight on preparing for certain situations that are anxiety triggers for you and work through them in a healthier way.

For those that don’t suffer from anxiety disorder but know or are close to someone that does, knowing how anxiety triggers work can be important in helping support and encourage them to keep doing the hard work of healing.

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