Why Do I Feel Scared All the Time?

by | May 22, 2020

Why do I feel scared all the time? If your fear response is overactive and you feel scared all the time, that describes anxiety. A good example is a smoke alarm going off when there is no smoke. That is what living with anxiety feels like. Your afraid and you experience it in your mind and body, even though there isn’t actually anything going on to justify that amount of fear.

So, what can you do about it both mentally and physically? In this article you will find some solutions.

Fear and Anxiety

We really don’t fully understand why people with anxiety respond with fear that that is out of order. Generally, it is a coping issue that could be in your DNA or was learned through situations during your life or both. Also, anxiety does help to respond to and endure physical threats.

Anxiety Expressed Physically

Although anxious thoughts can be scary, the basic signs of anxiety are frequently physical. You may be wondering why that is. When you experience anxiety, your body goes into a flight or fight response which releases adrenaline which causes a multitude of changes to your body all intended to keep you out of harm’s way.

If you are truly in a dangerous situation, anxiety could actually save you. However, that same fear reaction is activated when you face something that is actually not going to cause you direct harm. This could be something simple such as an argument with a friend or a work deadline. That’s why anxiety can be defined as an overactive fear response.

Fear in Our Minds

Anxiety can cause fear not only in our bodies, but our minds as well. Some think that fearful thoughts signify your mind’s reaction to what is happening within your body. If your body feels nervous than so will your mind. This may cause an overreaction to what is happening within your body, understanding the physical feelings as far more upsetting than they really need to be.

Stopping the Fear

It isn’t necessarily helpful to know the reason why you are feeling something. But rather hoping to figure how to not have that feeling of fear and live life with less anxiety.

Here are some ideas to help train your brain to lessen your anxiety and fear:

Distractions If you try distracting yourself when appropriate, you will train your brain to focus on other things that will less likely cause anxiety. So, the next time you feel anxiety building, consciously make the choice to think of something else to focus on such as pleasant music, calling a friend, a fun activity, a funny TV program, anything to switch your thoughts in a more positive direction.

Walking Exercising is truly important when trying to cope with anxiety. Just a simple stroll can help get blood flowing while also giving you mental and visual stimulation. Walking can decrease adrenaline in the bloodstream which helps to keep anxiety at bay.

Writing Down Your Thoughts Write down your thoughts related to anxiety. The mind can relax more when you write thoughts down rather than having them go through your mind.

These are strategies, combined with a healthy lifestyle and a natural supplement such as CBD oil can be used for anyone that is truly looking to take control of their anxiety and fear to live a healthier, happier life.

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